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Falling 'in' towards the plate

Posted by: Nikki (leftycatcher@hotmail.com) on Wed Apr 27 04:03:44 2005

I'm a first year assistant coach of a high school softball team. I just finished up at a D1 program, and trying to really get a good handle on the different dynamics and stragities to a powerful and effective swing. When one of the girls on my team has a swing, that when she is approaching the ball....she's realtivily rotational, a little linear due to her slightly wide stride. When she's in mid-swing, she drops her right shoulder (she's a righty) INTO the plate. She does it so bad, that when i videoed her and broke it down frame by frame, her head started at the very top of the screen and by the type she was in her follow through, her head was a good 1" from the top of the screen. What can i do to help fix this??? I tell her to imagine that there is a pole going through the middle of her body and she can't bend any way, but that doesn't work. She also tends to bring her elbow to her side as one of the first movements with the path of her hands.


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