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Re: Fence Drill Exceptions

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Sun May 1 21:12:03 2005

>>> I believe that if a player is able to swing like Bonds, they should be able to do Mike Epstein's fence drill without experiencing any breakdown in rotational mechanics. All they need to do is to pull their back elbow towards the first (or third) base dugout.

Now, not everybody can use the fence drill effectively.

What some players can do, though, is to use the drill to tighten the path of the bat head on inside pitches.

Feel free to take issue with my opinion. <<<


You and I have discussed “Epstein's fence drill” at least ten times. I will have no problem with still another discussion – providing, you play his Instructional video and study his students performing the drill frame-by-frame. Once you have noted how far the batter’s hands must arc toward third base to allow the bat-tip to miss the fence and where the bat-head is heading when it finally does accelerate, then report back and we will discuss it further.

Jack Mankin


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