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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re:

Posted by: rql () on Mon Jun 16 12:40:33 2008

> Hi Rich.
> You make great points, ie., example with your son.
> But, you said something that really hit home with me regarding
> analysis and observation. You said;"sometimes I think I'm trying to hard."
> That is an EXTREMELY logical point.
> As dads, we can all say the same thing, we're trying to hard.
> Myself, regarding the young ones, I don't find it necessary for me, to uncover the movement of certain body parts, that I think in many instances, take care of themselves anyway.
..I think if you can just focus on connection and rotation,you can accomplish alot,the bht is going to come if you can pull with the bottom hand from the lead shoulder and drive forward with the top hand from rear shoulder drive.This big point coming across,can prevent the other idea of pushing them together in 1 direction and thus disconnection and bat drag
> Please don't take this the wrong way, my intent is not sarcasim but,
> why do we not delve into the intricate movement of the knees, the buttocks, the feet.`I know it sounds a little silly but, the reality is, is that a multitude of body parts come into play during the swing.And, for me, to uncover the truth to such a complexity of movements,is not going to assist in the teachings to my kids.
> Again, I do not and, cannot, approve or, disapprove the fact, that some things that Jack talks about, exist.
> But, for me, I'll re-state what you said before;"sometime I think we try to hard."
> I mean the attention spans of these kids, is another topic all together :)
> Good post.
> Take care.


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