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Re: Re: Full Transfer Hitting

Posted by: Coach Preston Peavy (smarty1@mindspring.com) on Thu May 5 06:56:11 2005


I have been very busy this season and just got back from hitting schools in Oregon and other places. All of my time is spent on teaching....and this is the absolute first time I even had a chance to review the "thread" you mentioned.

You need to understand that I very rarely have time to review threads on boards and cannot answer questions posed there very often.

However, you may ask your questions directly at smarty1@mindspring.com and I will always do my best to answer. I can also be reached at www.peavynet.com

Please realize that I get 175 emails a day and I am instructing tons of students and teams....so I do my best to respond to email.

The effective swing time of .11 to .13 of a second has been achieved many times by my college age players as well as some of my 16+ age students....and is basically measured from initiation of the hand movement to or through lead arm extension, into such a position as to no longer be in an effective impact configuration.

"Keep Your Pitches Down, Your Spirits Up & Keep Swinging"


Coach Preston Peavy
VSI Baseball
HIGH PERFORMANCE Baseball Training Tools That WORK!

"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds"....Albert Einstein


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