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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Which workouts are best for hitting?

Posted by: Dumont (doomzday2@hotmail.com) on Sun May 8 19:16:56 2005

In my opinion as a competitve baseball/hockey/squash and badminton player and personal trainer it's all in the swing. Ken Griffey Jr. is a prime example of that. He has the sweetest swing I have ever seen and he hits 500 footers.. or he used too anyways! Focus on mastering that perfect swing. Look at the top hitters right before contact and after contact. They virtually all have the same mechanics at the point before/duing and after impact. At 13 I would be concentrating on low weight bearing activities. Your legs and trunk area(abs and lower back) are in my opinion the crucial power zones. So at 13 I would be do doing sit-ups, moderate push-ups(100 every three days), and sprints to develop those leg muscles. Wind sprints are great. Ten 100 meter sprints every three days would defenitely build explosiveness. AOnce you're seventeen or such start on the squats and deadlifts. They are the true power builders!!!! I hope this helps.


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