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Re: Re: Re: back foot

Posted by: john (ajjdad@hotmail.com) on Sat Jun 21 18:36:51 2008

Hi Dave. I admire your search for the truth :)
If a hitters power was generated with the rear foot that you reference regarding MLB htters,then their swings would be more linear than rotational.
The power they're generating is the direct result of a soundly exectued rotational swing. The bttom line, is that any hitter exhibiting sound rotational mechanics, will also exhibit SOME degree of tilt in their swing,depending on pitch location, in order to get the plane of the bat, on the same plane as the pitch.
As far as your comparison of the motion of throwing a ball, versus, the swinging of a bat, they're two forces working on different objectives.
For a pitcher throwing a ball DOWN into the strike zone, it only makes anatomical sense, for the back leg and foot, to come up and through, to compltete follow through and, enhance the power of the throw. But, the batters objective Dave, is just the opposite, he's looking to get the ball UP. Now, if the batters objectice was to tomahawk or, chop the ball into the ground, then yeh, he probably would exhibit back leg lift,somewhat the same objective as the pitcher.
But, then how could Big Papi, get the ball into the air with those mechanics? :)
Take care.



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