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Re: Re: Baseball vs Softball

Posted by: Mike Myers (mike.myers@bell.ca) on Fri May 13 21:03:59 2005

> I Just would like to add that I agree with Jack, that there is no
> difference between a baseball swing and a softball swing. As a
> high school player, I am leading my team in batting. My coach
> seems to think, "I have a very long baseball swing" and he isn't
> too accepting.
> I have been practicing this swing all my life but, now he wants
> me to change it. If their is a difference in these two swings, what
> are they!?

There is a mechanical difference between lobball and baseball hitting.


Observe the 2 swings on a 360ft field. Notice the pronounced stride where lead leg and hip coil rear at high point. Lower half mechanics are similar to baseball pitching motion.

It is possible to use this extra strong swing in lobball because there is more swing time available, as pitch speed is slow, and location is highly predictable.



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