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Re: Re: Re: hands back?

Posted by: Aaron (aaron4bass@cox.net) on Wed May 18 17:44:15 2005

Hey everyone, i was wondering what muscles you use when you swing a baseball bat, i am
doing a report on it and i need help!

> >>> Hi Jack,
> I read with interest your response in regard to arm muscles not involved in bringing the
hands through in a CHP. You stated:
> "with rotational transfer mechanics, the muscles in the arms are not used to bring the
hands around."
> My question is are arm muscles used to bring the hands/torso "back" into the load
position? If so, which arm muscles and if not...which muscles do? <<<
> Hi Dbc
> First of all, let me say that I have not studied Kinesiology in depth. -- I would say the
pulling back of the top-forearm and hand would come mainly from muscles in the back
and shoulder (scap area).
> Jack Mankin


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