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Re: Re: Front foot on toes

Posted by: thom blinn (freeneasy7@yahoo.com) on Thu May 19 07:35:44 2005

> <u>Question/Comment:</u>
> >>> Is it better to have your front foot on your toes or the ball of your foot. I've swung a bat doing this lately and when my feet are flat on the ground my swing is more level and a little more compact. When i swing with my front foot on the ball of my foot and stride, my hips turn more and my batspeed seems the littlest bit quicker. But also with this my swing isn't as level and compact, and i'm afriad of losing my balance a little. Which one would u reccomend. <<<
> <u>Jack Mankin's reply:</u>
> Hi Keith:
> I would agree with Scott’s post. Upon completing the stride, most hitters land on the ball of the front foot. The heel then lowers to the ground to initiate hip rotation. I recommend to hitters with short soft strides that their toe lands in a more closed position. The foot then rotates to an open (45 degrees or greater) as the heel lowers. I find that the batter initiates better lead-leg action when rotating the heel as it lowers than when lowering it straight down.
> Rotating the heel comes fairly natural to hitters using the no-stride approach. Many of these batters will cock the lead-knee inward as a timing or rhythm move in lieu of the stride. They then rotate (and extend) the lead-knee back toward the pitcher to initiate hip rotation. Obviously, the heel also rotates as it lowers. – Batters with longer strides or high knee lift usually land with the toe more open and the heel drops straighter down. Their toe-plant to heel-drop is more of a continuous (one-stage) action. – Short or no-stride can be more of a two-stage movement.
> Jack Mankin
Hello all
Am I seeing things or is the front foot on this demo model turning slightly clockwise after landing. Maybe I want to see it, I'm not sure!
Thom Blinn


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