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Re: Re: Re: MotionView -- MAC Compatible Software?

Posted by: BatSpeed.com (Batspeed@verison.net) on Fri Jul 4 14:16:27 2008

> Since buying and installing Windows on a Mac will increase the price of MotionView by 2x-3x, it is really not a good option (plus having to deal with Windows at all is a pain). It would be great if you could develop a native Mac OSX version, even if it cost a bit more to the end users. (especially since Macs are grabbing a bigger slice of the PC market yearly, particularly with younger people).
> Maybe there is some computer wiz/softball player out there who could do it for you for reasonable price.
> James

We're not sure if the programmer of MotionView has any plans to develop a MAC specific version of MotionView, but if it becomes available, we'll carry it.

As far as running Windows within the MAC OS, we've read that there are other ways to do this without having to purchase and install Windows. Here is One Source that talks about other (lower cost) options to run Windows programs in the MAC OS.

We have not tested these programs, but as long as they allow you to run Windows programs, such as Media Player and Movie Maker, MotionView should also work well on a MAC.



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