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Re: CHP cues

Posted by: FiveFrameSwing (lyons.chris@yahoo.com) on Fri Jul 4 23:06:36 2008

> The problem is, I can think of no batting cue available to coaches that would encourage the batter to direct the first movement of the hands perpendicular to the ball. The “Keep your hands inside the ball” cue certainly will not. Whenever I ask a coach or player to demonstrate keeping the hands inside the ball, they all exhibit a straighter path that takes their hands across their body. That hand-path induces little pendulum effect and places the batter behind the power curve right from initiation.

Jack, one cue that might be helpful is "stay closed".

By this I mean that the hitter needs to stay closed until they initiate their swing. If a hitter drifts partially open prior to initiating their swing then it becomes virtually impossible to create a good CHP.

Rudy Jaramillo: "You have to stay closed." "Not flying open early." "The longer you're closed, te easier it is to stay inside the ball and through it."


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