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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Famous K. Gibson HR

Posted by: Curt (dittoz22@yahoo.com) on Tue Jun 7 09:38:03 2005

Actually, two pulled Hamstrings...

> Possiblt Gibson'e swing was dependent on his injury. Didn't he have back problem at the time?
> > > You are probably correct; the Gibson non-rotational HR is the "exception" (rather than the rule). However, the fact that he hit the ball 385(?)feet by lunging at the ball and "flicking his wrists" is interesting to me. I guess no one could teach such an approach, however.
> > >
> > Kevin,
> >
> > Linear hitters have to extend the top hand to have something to push against with the bottom hand. This "flicking" of the wrists can result in added bat speed, but usually results in a mis-hit ball. Honestly, Gibby got lucky to a certain degree with that homer. You gotta admit, it was THE time to get lucky, though! LOL
> >
> > Marcus


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