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Re: Torque Hitting = Dumb

Posted by: daw (daw@bellevue-law.com) on Mon Jul 7 22:13:20 2008

> Listen, if this is the same guy that posted the torque hitting technique videos on youtube, then i have a thing or two to say to you. The first thing i have for you is a quote that states "baseball is the most over-coached and under-taught game in the world." Meaning, baseball is an intricate game, and many people think they can coach it, but they themselves were never taught the finer points of the game and therefore are clueless. You my friend are completely clueless. I will tell you I just graduated from a Division 1 baseball program and managed to hit over .325 career, playing every game, and breaking numerous school and conference records. I have been fortunate enough to have grown up around professional coaches and players who molded my career and swing. the shit you are "teaching" others is completely horrific, it is the most absurd thing i have ever seen. i am very happy you raised your batting average in your freaking mens league, where 40 year olds get a kick out of acting like a big leaguer. big deal...let me break one part of the video down for you. you say you can hit the off-speed pitch better with you method and then procede to show us how it is possible. you show us that you will start your swing, recognize the off-speed pitch, recoil back to your original position, and then swing again. are you a freaking moron? this is completely impossible if a pitcher has an offspeed pitch above 15 freakin MPH. you beg for people to give your method a shot at the "next level", but dude...obviously you know nothing about the next level. i am telling you right now that your approach will never succeed. the great game of baseball has been around for a long time, long enough for people to figure out what the hell works and what doesnt...your crap doesnt work. in fact, you will be pleased to know that all of my friends and coaches involved in collegiate and professional baseball love to watch your movie because we end up hunched over on the floor laughing at you. honestly though, back to the quote i gave you...you are hurting the great game of baseball with your crap, some kid somewhere in the world has bought into your approach and will not be as good as he could have potentially been because of it. please please please stop with this and leave the teaching to people that have been taught correctly and have a baseball "IQ"

Hi There

I believe I found the UTUBE clip you're talking about. The guy posted his name, his email address and his web site address on the clip. It wouldn't have taken a raft-load of "IQ", baseball or otherwise, to figure out that he has no connection to this site. Certainly it would take little or no "Baseball IQ" to figure out that the techniques advocated on this site do not resemble those on the UTUBE clip.

I'll take a wild guess, based on the date and time of your post, that the Demon Rum may have temporarily disabled some of your "IQ" points, leading to your rant.

All that notwithstanding, I'm sure those who follow this board would be interested in the techniques and cues you used during your college career. It sounds like you were a good hitter.


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