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Long Swing

Posted by: Dave CTB () on Tue Jun 28 18:19:10 2005

Hi Mr. Mankin,
I own your video and you have done a swing analysis for me a little over a year ago. I believe my knowledge of rotational mechanics has grown greatly and i can identify flaws in swings but I have been having problems with mine lately. I am on a new team with new coaches in a very competitve wood bat league where pitchers are normally in the mid 80's to lows 90's. This is a high school league but most of the players are heading off to college in the fall to play at D1 schools. The coaches complain that my swing is too long and looping and as a result I was back at my old instructors facility today because they want me to be more "Hands to the Ball". I disagree with the approach but after watching John Elliot on the tape I find my swing is longer than his. It seems as though my execution of THT takes too long as compared to him and other players I have seen. Mine is more like a long swooping THT when their's is more short and used just to get the bat started.

Another problem that I acknowledge is that I am having a terrible time getting to inside pitches. The batting instructor I went to today said that it is because I turn inward too much and tuck my hands back to much and start with my hands too close to my body(advice that I will try to use since it seemed to work there). I was wondering what it should look like when I face the mirror and perform the inward turn ( should i see my hands at all? should i be able to see a good part of my back?) All my power is to the opposite field as I hit a game winning homerun over 360 feet to right in a high school game this year. The power is there but only to one field... and good pitchers figure that out fairly easily.

I have a number of swing clips on my computer that I could email to you or if someone could host them for maybe a day or two so I could get opinions that would be great. I want to try to get another swing analysis done before I go to college but I'm hoping that in the meantime you would be kind enough to help me out with these problems that I'm somewhat confused about as I have two high level tourneys coming up and really want to help the team do well and be in the lineup.

Hopefully this will get seen before the new month, if it's not I'll try reposting it. Thanks in advance for the help.


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