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Re: Our experience with "Final Arc II" & some questions

Posted by: LivoniaDave (cardsharkdave@yahoo.com) on Tue Jul 5 08:23:50 2005

If your son's coach means to move his foot diagonally towards the pitch when he sees that it's outside, then he is wrong. It is impossible to move your stride to different angles after you've recognized the pitch. That piece of advice just doesn't work.

> 1. OUTSIDE PITCH: you noted that the shoulders donít rotate as far when going after the outside pitch. Should the hitters extend the arms to meet the ball (I assume this is a no-no as it turns the swing linear)? Or is the reduced shoulder rotation enough to hit the outsider? My sonís coach says he should move his front foot diagonally towards the outside pitch to get his reach, but I donít want him to have to change his footwork depending on the pitch location.


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