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Re: Re: hitting the ball to the opposite side of the feild

Posted by: grc () on Wed Jul 6 11:04:51 2005

> Jack describes the upper body engine well in his Final Arc. IMO the best oppo mechanics comes from Plane Transition ( bat more vertical moving to the 45 launch slot as the lower body lands the stride and the hips beging to rotate). This sets up the bat barrel to come square to the opposite field and still be in a rotational pattern. An extreme example would be Julio Franco( still), Gary Sheffield( with motion) and a not so extreme would be a careful look at Mr Elliott in the Final Arc swings as his bat goes more vertical and back to the launch slot.
> Plane transition unquestionably adds unbelieveable power to the opposite gap/Maybe Jack can lift the fog here and/or associate it with THT , BHT and CHP.

the short answer to hitting the other way (assuming it is an outside pitch and that you want to hit os pitches the other way, pull is pitches) is to hit the INSIDE part of the ball...i have reached the conclusion that the technique for hitting the inside part of the ball is an individual thing that you will figure out on your own...


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