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Re: Re: Josh Hamilton's HR - Video clip

Posted by: Mike (reyg121@yahoo.com) on Wed Jul 16 10:18:43 2008

> >>> Anybody watching this guy in the HR Derby? Unreal.
> But I just noticed in one of the super slow motion replays how the bat head LAGGED BEHIND his hands.
> His swing looked very rotational, EXCEPT for the bat lag and wrist turn/snap.
> Any thoughts on this from the experts?? <<<
> Hi Carlos
> I am not quite sure what you mean by, “how the bat head LAGGED BEHIND his hands.” The bat-head remains the same distance from the hands throughout the swing. I suspect you are referring to what you observed from a frontal view of his bat’s movement at the lag position (knob pointing toward the pitcher). From the frontal view, it often appears the bat is sliding knob first toward the pitcher with little angular movement of the bat-head. This can be deceptive as an across the plate view of the same swing reveals. – Below is an across the plate view of Hamilton’s bat passing through the lag position.
> <a href="http://www.batspeed.com/media/Hamilton_Across_Plate.wmv">Hamilton – Across the plate view</a –
> Jack Mankin

Is it possible jack to show Josh's stance and what he does with his hands which looks like a hitch and tham brings his hands into the launch position. Kind of like Piazza sheffeild bonds and david wright.


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