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related golf ideas,plane,plane transition,video

Posted by: tom.guerry (tom.guerry@kp.org) on Thu Jul 7 14:52:25 2005

Here are some golf references for comparison.

Different ways of looking at plane and how plane transitions,comparison to Big Mac included.Note,this author stresses the importance of the video angle shot from directly behind the player


This author explains how the arm plane transitions in the swing to eventually line up with the body/shoulder plane (out of plane motion/transition creates optimal coil/twist/"xfactor stretch" befoe lining up and unloading in body/shoulder plane):


This author describes and compares the single and double plane golf swings:



I think when you look at a swing with "good tht" from the across the plate/open side angle,what you are seeing is a good "plane transition" that is creating optimal "xfactor stretch" in preparation for quick unloading/bathead acceleration via CHP with (middle in) or without (middle out) hook,assuming a bellied up short swing radius type swing optimized for quickness.


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