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Re: hitting the ball to the opposite side of the feild

Posted by: mike (baseballnc@Hotmail.com) on Thu Jul 7 21:27:00 2005


Have you practice in a cage hitting the outside pitch to opposite field. I would even go as far to set up a hitting tee. Take a stance that your lead foot is even with the front of the home plate. Set the tee up on top of the plate out side. Get to a good launch postion and take a swing. Constrate on not pushing the hands leaving the bat behind. (inside outside swing) That will just produce a weak ground ball. Work on it keeping the swing plane and rotating around. If you get fustrated go to your heavy bag. Set it up for outside pitch and work from contact to launch like the video shows.

The main think you have to work on is seeing the location of the pitch. The swing is the same just the timming is different.



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