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Re: Re: Re: Re: The secret to Brian Roberts

Posted by: Hitter (hitguru205@aol.com) on Fri Jul 8 11:24:49 2005

> These are 2003 stats. Palmerio and McGriff are hardly Hall of Fame caliber players at the moment. There is one top hitter in that group.

Palmeiro hit 38 homers in 2003, and if he pulled the ball in 2003, you'd figure he has been a pull hitter his entire career, unless he altered his entire hitting style. Same goes for McGriff, and I'd say he's had a pretty good career, won't you? Off the top of my head, I can name 3 players for which the defense moves into an exaggerated "shift" due to a tendency to pull each pitch: Barry Bonds, Cliff Floyd, and Jason Giambi. Not bad.

Regardless, compare the first set of players to the second set. You cannot deny that the players who DON'T pull the baseball are much worse than those that do. Does this mean nothing to you?


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