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Re: Re: Our experience with

Posted by: Steve (sjd@cogeco.ca) on Fri Jul 8 12:26:06 2005

Hi Mike:

Thanks for the thoughts.

We'll start to work on THT position to see if this helps with outside pitches to see if it helps with reach. We're still finding the "best" stride, although he's not facing any ball motion or pitching speeds like what you've noted. Not yet, anyway.

Agree with your thoughts on the wrist cocking, too. The other thing we need to tweak is his grip on the bat: he's holding it with the palms of his hands. I think if we change that a bit to grip higher towards the fingers vs deep in the palms, this should allow less restriction on wrist extension, and will help the bottom wrist find its extended position during the swing.


> ==========================
> Steve,
> I have a 10year old that went threw some of the same problems. Here is what I think about your questions.
> Outside pitch.
> The swing is the same as the inside or over the middle. just the connnection and the rotation is at a different deg of rotation. Your hands does need to travel out some (part of the CHP). That will provide the distance to connect to the outside pitch.
> Over the middle pitch missed:
> This is hard one to talk about with out seeing his swing on that pitch. I would say he has bat lag. Meaning he is rotating but hands are not getting thru the zone in the correct postion. This should be better with time and practice with the drills.
> This is a hard one. I changed my son from taking a stride to wide stance. He is 10 and 5'4" 110lbs. I didnt want him getting fooled by the Curve and Change up. This seemed to work well for us. He is playing up and see many pitchers throwing at 64mph at 50'. I think if you work and find his comfortable stance you can answer this question.
> If you recall on the video. You will see that when your working on the heavy bag you will see palm up plam down and the top wrist is not cocked at contact. It can be at the beginning of the swing, and is released during the THT. The cocking of the wrist and the THT works hand in hand.
> Mike


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