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Re: Critique this swing.

Posted by: Panthers (Northcoach@woh.rr.com) on Sat Jul 9 10:01:36 2005

> This swing is designed for girls fastpitch at the upper level. (high School/college)

Would you classify this swing as rotational or linear. Also, is this an effective swing.
> 1.) We use a 40/60 stance, feet spread just past shoulders.
> 2.) Knees with slight bend
> 3.) Bat off back shoulder at 45 degree angle, back elbow down.
> 4.) Door knocking nuckles lined up.
> 5.) Head level, both eyes on pitcher.
> 6.) On stride/load hitter takes a 2-3 inch stride WITH weight transfer, the 10% that was on back leg transfers to front so in essence you have a balanced 50/50 spread. Hands move back and up forming a small c which is your negative movement.(stride/load done at same time)
> 7.) Unlocking from shoulder/elbow/wrist as bat is swung. Bat is leveled and acceleration is achieved through the driving on the elbow and turning the wrists palm up/ palm down/
> 8.) Head is down at impact point, hitting off the front foot's instep. Back elbow has bend in it to allow for the ball to be driven.
> 9.) Hands stay inside the ball/short to the ball/ long through extension after contact.
> 10.) Can you tell me if you feel this is an effective approach or what you would change? Thank you.


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