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Re: Re: Critique this swing.

Posted by: Shawn (mariner0324@yahoo.com) on Sat Jul 9 15:49:22 2005

> The thing that strikes me is the negative movement. Muscles are not bow strings, that have to be pulled back to apply force the opposite direction.
> > Would you classify this swing as rotational or linear. Also, is this an effective swing.
> > 1.) We use a 40/60 stance, feet spread just past shoulders.
> > 2.) Knees with slight bend
> > 3.) Bat off back shoulder at 45 degree angle, back elbow down.
> > 4.) Door knocking nuckles lined up.
> > 5.) Head level, both eyes on pitcher.
> > 6.) On stride/load hitter takes a 2-3 inch stride WITH weight transfer, the 10% that was on back leg transfers to front so in essence you have a balanced 50/50 spread. Hands move back and up forming a small c which is your negative movement.(stride/load done at same time)
> > 7.) Unlocking from shoulder/elbow/wrist as bat is swung. Bat is leveled and acceleration is achieved through the driving on the elbow and turning the wrists palm up/ palm down/
> > 8.) Head is down at impact point, hitting off the front foot's instep. Back elbow has bend in it to allow for the ball to be driven.
> > 9.) Hands stay inside the ball/short to the ball/ long through extension after contact.
> > 10.) Can you tell me if you feel this is an effective approach or what you would change?
> Thank you.

It says the hands moving back is the negative move. The negative move is done with the lowerbody and not the upperbody. The hand might move as part of this load.

It also says the load is getting the weight back to balance. The load is part of the rythm of the swing and this is part of the negative move. The positive move is to get back to balance and happens right before rotation.


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