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Best Big Barrell Bat

Posted by: steve (sgwhipple@comcast.net) on Fri Jul 18 09:23:44 2008

Best Big Barrell Bat on the market with a -8 or -10????? Need sound advice, to many so called experts out there. Thanks...Re: Re: Re: Re: best bat on the market


> > > > I am wondering what bat do you guys think is the best on the market today. IT has to be Softball and aluminum.
> >
> >
> >
> > Ok i'll bite. the two best bats that MOST all kids want are either the STEALTH or the DEMARINI f2 or vexum...kids know whats hot and whats not.get the wood bat and make your kid a better player.
> The condition that the bat - presumably for fastpitch - be aluminum narrows the field a little bit.
> The composite bats - Louisville Slugger Catalyst, Miken MPulse and OKC, and the Worth series - Quad, 3DXFP, and Wicked are all eliminated because obviously, as composite bats, they aren't aluminum.
> The hottest completely aluminum bat is the Anderson Rocket Tech. It is supremely well engineered, and is a double-walled aluminum bat. It comes in lengths from 30 - 34" and all lengths are -9. It is approved for play in all sanctioning bodies. Nothing else is close. I would personally rate the DeMarini F2 as the next most lively aluminum bat (it should be noted that the F2 has a composite handle, and aluminum barrel).
> If the question is simply one of the hottest FP METAL bats (rather than aluminum), I would rate them in the following order for liveliness:
> 1) Anderson Rocket Tech
> 2) Louisville Slugger Catalyst (-8 or -10, approved everywhere)
> 3) Miken M-Pulse (-10, not legal for NSA play)
> 4) Miken OKC (-10, approved for ASA, but not all other sanctions)
> 5) Any of the Worth composite bats (-9s and -10s, legal everywhere)
> 6) DeMarini F2
> It should be noted that the RT is somewhat endloaded, and swings a little heavier than the other bats. Also, some hitters don't like its thin handle. They all love its "POP," though.
> I have also found Anderson Bats one of the most customer-friendly companies I have ever dealt with. And I am not limiting that to bat companies - they are one of the best companies I have ever dealt with for ANYTHING.
> Best regards,
> SSarge


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