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Re: Keeping hands back

Posted by: Jim (jwelborn@lexcominc.net) on Mon Jul 11 20:56:10 2005

> I need some tips/drills for my 9 year old who has extremly quick
> hands and need to stay back. He has a tendecy to "lounge" or
> sometimes stars and stops his swing in attempt to keep his hands
> back.


Tee drills are very useful in correcting swing problems.

Go through the swing in slow motion. Break the swing down making sure each part is, in your judgment, correct. Refer to Jack’s analysis on this forum.

Pay close attention to the front leg. The front knee should be flexed at heel plant and straighten through contact as the hips rotate. Emphasize strong hip rotation as well as upper body rotation. Maintain a short stride (0-3”).

Watch your batter’s head. There should be NO forward motion during rotation.

Make sure your batter is making contact off his front foot.

Use extreme caution in using the term “keep your weight back.” You want him to not lunge, but you do not want him to lean backward. Powerful rotation requires good balance. His stance should be balanced and balance should be maintained through rotation.

Above all, make sure he understands what you want him to do. At age nine, keep it fun. As he gets older he will develop a better sense of timing.



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