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Questions for Jack

Posted by: STM4UA (STM4UA@knology.net) on Fri Jul 15 05:22:48 2005

I recently purchased your DVD and have a few questions. First the booklet that came with the DVD mentions "the shrug" when discussing the linkage position. I have watched the DVD twice and haven't seen "the shrug" mentioned. Maybe I just missed it. Can you please explain what is meant by "the shrug"?

Second question is about the practice device with the handle on it. Does the handle swivel or is it in a fixed position? I made one for my son but the handle is just screwed on in a locked position. My son thinks it is supposed to swivel and I can't tell for sure on the DVD.

By the way my son has watched the DVD once and done one set of drills without the aid of a heavy bag and already seems to be hitting the ball much harder. Believe it or not he seems to have caught on to the concept of top hand torque before anything else. I have ordered the heavy bag and expect it any day now.



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