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Pitching Analysis Opinions

Posted by: Rob (robbiagini@comcast.net) on Fri Jul 15 21:26:15 2005

I have posted to this site with questions on my sons hitting and have had some great suggestions. I have a friend I played minor league baseball with who pitched in the major leagues for awhile. Last year he was the major league pitching coach for the Toronto Blue Jays. Now he is the AAA pitching coach for the Yankees. I have created a web site for him to analyze pitching videos on the side. With this message I wanted to do two things. One was to get the site some exposure and the other was to get your opinions on how popular you think something like this might be with people. If it is inappropriate that I post something like this here, please go ahead and delete this message. Anyway, if you have any opinions on this please let me know.




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