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open stance...

Posted by: FLOP (BAURblades@hotmail.com) on Sat Jul 16 23:25:03 2005

hey to give you some background... I am 16, and a junior at Willamette highschool, a 4a school in oregon, and am playing at the varsity level. i am one of the better hitters in the system, with a .319 average last season, mostly a singles hitter.

my swing, in my opinoin, is really, i dont know, text book. i have been taught very well my whole life and have the mechanics down very well.

the only problem i have is somtimes i get my hands up too high and come down on the ball, usually grounding it to an infielder...

now my question is, i have noticed more and more players taking these new open stances, to see the ball better. i dont think i have a hard time seeing the ball, i have 20:15 vision (above average) and very rarily swing at a pitch and not make contact (foul it off or put it in play). how ever, i am always looking for ways to improve my game.

however when i think of the open stance, i am constantly reminded of Craig Council on the D'backs, and his Super high hands... not for nothing, but i dont want to look like a retard when i get up to the plate... ;)

so do you think it would help to try and adapt the open stance this offseason, or should i stick with my regular swing? also, i would like to pull the ball for more power next season, as i get stronger and able to hit the ball out more consistently. i was wondering if that would give me any advantage that way.

thanks for all the help, any info is appreciated. you can contact me on AIM at BAURblades43

thanks again.


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