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Re: hard ground balls

Posted by: FLOP (BAURblades@hotmail.com) on Sun Jul 17 11:26:29 2005

> Hi, I am an 11 year old player on a travel team. When I am doing the tee my coach says my mechanics are very good. When we do batting practice I always hit very fast and hard grounders. I want to hit more in the air because I know if I do I could hit it 170+. It may be the bat because my dad makes me use a 31 inch and 19.5 ounce bat (skinny barrell). I am used to having a 30 inch 22 ounce bat (big barrell)Cn it be the bat change or my machanics? Thanks

sounds like its not the bat because u are hitting the ball hard. in my opinoin, you are swinging down on the ball.... you need to level out your swing, instead of swinging so down. try lowering your hands. i used ot do the same thing, back then i had my hands up high because it felt more comfortable that way. then i realized what i was doin, made an adjustment mid-game, and my next at bat i hit a hard, flat, linedrive, unfortunatly, it was one step to the right of the 2nd basemen.... but thats besides the point... ;)

make sure u dont over compensate for your problem too.... u do not want to swing up on the ball.... you will pop up a ton, a long with a lot of other problems...

so ya, make a short story short, go and take a bucket of balls at your next batting practice, with your hands starting at the top of your strike zone, thats what i do, and am a very decent basehit line drive hitter.


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