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Re: Questions about teach rotational swing

Posted by: rey (lilreyj13@yahoo.com) on Mon Jul 18 17:59:27 2005

> Jack I have just watched the Final Arc 2 video and found it to be very informative and I am looking forward to teaching the rotational swing to my granddaughter Kayla, who is 14 years old.Kayla has a shoulder width stance with a short stride.Do I need to start from where she is now and teach the rotational swing or do I need to redo her stance and stride to match what appears to be a wide stance and long stride on the video.Should I teach Kayla the new swing in steps,which is the way I normally teach or should I teach the complete concept as a whole.The video says not to hit live until concept is perfected,but Kayla's softball season has started so should I wait and teach during off season. Thanks in advance.


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