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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Baseball/softball swing

Posted by: Corey () on Wed Jul 20 13:05:49 2005

> give me the explanation or literature to prove that the mechanics of the softball swing and baseball swing should be the same. If there not the same,( you are wrong, Maybe),tell me what is the difference?
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> > > > > Thanks
> > >
> > > Plenty of long threads on this in the past.Have at it !
> >
> > Now there's and understatement of amazing brevity. : ) You can also find threads on this subject here: http://compchat.com:8080/~1/login
> >
> > As far as "baseball vs softball swing", I don't find the terminology to be very useful. In general, the swing that I hear called the "softball swing" is using linear mechanics. Sometimes good linear mechanics but often bad linear mechanics. In any case, since linear and rotational mechanics are both used in both baseball and softball, I think the terms "baseball swing or softball swing" are more confusing than helpful as far as understanding each other's theories and thoughts. Perhaps we could start with Tom describing his ideal "softball swing"?
> >
> > Mark H.
> Thanks for responding. Let me give you the swing regardless of the sport. From this info., find the linear or rotational if possible.
> --pre-load - rotation in
> --stride - no stride or small stride, weight back, timing only, front foot must be down
> -- read pitch location, hips trigger swing, hands inside the ball, short swing to contact, drive through the pitch, long after contact, finishing behind the head ( more than likely), maintaining balance.
> -- this approach regardless of the sport
> Against, "softball" approach of backslapping- found in earlier threads.
> Interested in what you think.

By Corey ... so should both swings be the same ?

What is the most likely aspect to focus on ?

Is it all about <a href="http://forum.onecenter.com/talent">talent</a> ?

What about the swing needing to be a slight up-swing so to
adjust to the downward flight of the ball via slow pitch softball ?


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