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Re: Re: Torque Hitting = Dumb

Posted by: daw (daw@bellevue-law.com) on Tue Jul 22 07:14:27 2008

> I'm the guy who posted the video on YouTube. While you are laughing at me with your buddies and re-living your "D1" achievement of hitting .325 with a titanium bat. I have been trying to help players of all ages do the toughest thing in sports---hit a baseball consistently and with more power. I have been teaching this technique for over 15 years and once in a while, I encounter people who fun of what I teach and make personal attacks. I have recieved the lewd e-mails you sent to me after you viewed the video on YouTube, but I just ignored you. The only reason I'm responding to you in this forum is because I believe Jack Mankin has created one of the best hitting sites on the Web. You don't have to agree with what I teach, but you show a lack of respect for the game of baseball with your venomous comments.
> If you want to improve your .325 average, I suggest you ACTUALLY TRY my technique. People who are critical of any hitting technique without trying it first, should not be taken seriously. Players of all ages who have actually tried what I teach have found it to be very helpful, even if they only use it in batting practice to train themselves to use their entire body to hit. The only controversial aspect of my technique is when I suggest pressing the bat on the arm during the swing. In the video and in the articles I have written (several are posted on www.webball.com), I explain the many benifits of this unique bat position. Is this technique for everyone?---no. However, the results of many players from little leagues to senior leagues has been nothing short of remarkable. The reason I posted a video on You Tube was because I had been sending free videotapes to players, coaches, and parents around the country for many years. You Tube allows me to reach so many more people who are looking for some help with their hitting. I love the game of baseball and am trying to make a small contribution. I always welcome a good debate about hitting, but I don't appreciate your personal attack.
> Here is one of the dozens of positive responses I have recieved since my video was posted on You Tube:
> Hi. Just wanted to give you some feedback on your hitting technique. I have a 10 year old son who was having a terrible time batting. His main problem was that he was dropping his hands and swinging under the ball and when he did make contact it was a little blooper to the infield. I have taken him to batting coaches and everything they have said to do just doesn't work for him. So I was surfing the net for solutions and came across your video, watched it, and thought it looked pretty goofy but when you were explaining the technique it made perfect sense. I took vacation over spring break and had my son watch the video then we tried it on a batting tee. Everything looked good. So we then moved to the batting cages. We got into the medium speed cage which my son never gets a hit off of and low and behold he is nailing them left and right. So now I'm thinking maybe you have something here. The next day we go to the ball field and I pitch some to him and he is hitting these also. Needless to say we were both very excited but I warned my son not to get his hopes up because these were controlled situations and that the real test would be in a game. Now my son is just a little guy who is playing with 10, 11 and 12 year olds. He is small enough that when he comes to the plate everyone moves in pretty close. So at his next game he goes up to bat with your technique. The first pitch comes straight across the plate and my son kills the ball. I mean really kills it. The ball drops 10 feet from the centerfield fence. Unfortunately I had to work and didn't get to see it but his coach is the one who said it dropped ten feet fron the fence. Of course everyone moved in when he came to bat so they weren't prepared for that and he was able to squeeze a triple out of it. His next at bat wasn't as far but stil went out into the outfield. He was so excited. His next game he struck out both times because I was at this game and he wanted to hit the ball so bad to show me what he could do that he was swinging at junk. The next game I told him don't worry about trying to impress me just get up there and get a hit. If you get anxious or nervous step out of the box and calm yourself down, which he had to do several times. Anyway he ended up getting a hit this time down the third baseline and the ball dropped three feet from the fence. Everyone in the stands were on their feet watching this one and saying it's gone. Unfortunately it lacked two feet. So he had three bats this game and three hits. This technique is unbelievable! It has increased his power and his bat speed. It may look funny holding the bat this way but it works. I can't thank you enough for posting this video. You have fixed what professionals couldn't help with. You have helped lift the spirits of a little boy who was down in the dumps about his batting. He even got moved up from number 9 in the batting order to number 3. Thank you again.
> Thanks
> David

I have a book entitled "Baseball, Yesterday and Today", it's largley a pictorial. I think Josh Leventhal is the author. The cover has a side shot of a player, I'm guessing circa 20's, taking his stride with the bat pressed against his upper arm exactly as you demonstrate. So at least one person played at a very high level with this technique. It's a way to skin the cat.


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