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Teaching THT?

Posted by: Dave () on Tue Jul 22 09:58:42 2008

My son is a sophomore in high school and has developed into a very good hitter. We have incorporated many of the principles that Jack Mankins teaches into his swing. I think my son has developed CHP and BHT very well based on my own video review and based on pictures of his swing at various stages. However, I want to take his swing to the next level by incorporating THT, and I am looking for suggestions on how to teach this mechanic.

An overview of my sonís swing:

My son strides when the pitcher starts his first movement and brings his hands to his back shoulder. Is this action PLT? There is no further rearward action of the bat until he initiates his swing. His stride is finished well before the pitcher throws the ball, essentially, making my son a no stride hitter. Can THT be incorporated if PLT is stopped or does PLT need to seamlessly continue into THT?

We have practiced with the rotational training bat where my son uses his top hand and pulls/throws the bat back to the catcher but it doesnít appear that this rearward pull has been incorporated into his actual swing. Should I expect to see further rearward movement of the top-hand to the catcher or since my sonís hands are already at his back shoulder is THT primarily facilitated by the lowering of the back elbow to his side?

I would appreciate any insights and tips on how to incorporate and teach THT. Thanks.


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