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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: HELP I NEED BAT HELP!~

Posted by: mark weber (mark.weber@tds.net) on Wed Jul 20 13:52:31 2005

I coach HS ball in Wisconsin. One of my players was nearly killed last week by a ball hit from one of these high tech hot bats. Once you are there and really experience the near death confrontation, it changes you. I played wood to metal from 60's through 80's. I don't need a scientist to tell me whats going on. This is all about money not safety. All bats need to be regulated for safety. Over the past 10 yrs. the lure to hit .550 or even .600 is reality and too great for kids to resist and the bat companies are there to make it all happen. Good hitters 10 yrs. ago were happy with .440 or .480. Now its way out of hand. No pun intended. Wake up! Its not worth it. Metal bat exit speeds are now approaching 120mph. Wood about 95max. Care to experience the difference? For those who say there is always a risk, I challenge you to put your own kid on the mound and allow the experiment. Look, this game was never meant to be high tech. It was designed to be low tech., a way to play, not to fight. High tech is for war and work. Baseball was originally designed as a diversion to all that. Don't let technology ruin the best game ever invented. Baseball is the ultimate game of skill and strategy using our brains and natural ability. I'll underline natural and not the artificial aspect that has corrupted us.


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