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Re: Jack-Inst. In Atlanta

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Thu Jul 21 15:40:17 2005

>>> Jack-Is there someone in Atlanta that you would rec. for private instruction to teach your techniques to a 12/13 yr old? Thanks Malcom <<<

Hi Malcom

Your post is timely as it dovetails with the post I made above. – Batspeed.com is currently working on three projects. (1) We are in the final stages of bringing online our rotational training aid “The Pathfinder.” (2) An expanded Resource and Links Page and in your case, (3) a contact page where you can find coaches in your area that teach rotational transfer mechanics.

As I pointed out in the post above, some coaches may teach lower-body mechanics that generate rotation around a stationary axis while using linear transfer principles (using the arms to extend the hands in a straighter path). We might use some sort of check off list to clarify a coach’s rotational principles. There have been many requests for coaches that teach rotational swing mechanics in their area. We hope to have these items up and running very soon.

Jack Mankin


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