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Re: Results...

Posted by: Jack Mankin (mrBatspeed@aol.com) on Thu Feb 8 21:05:50 2001

>>>Whats up? I was told that I seemed to stiff up at the plate and my instructor made a suggestion which was to give my elbows a little clap when I'm up there. He said this would then increase my bat speed because I wouldnt be too stiff and then said it would help me stay on the ball more and hit more line drives up the middle..I tried it out and it felt real comfortable and I saw good results..if anyone has heard of this before and how it performs write back! Thanks! Joe <<<

Hi Joe

I hope your instructor only meant that the clapping of your elbows was to relax your shoulder muscles, but as you prepared your launch position, the elbows should widen to their normal position. I am sure that must be what he meant.

Jack Mankin


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