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Re: Bat Angle/THT

Posted by: THG () on Sat Jul 26 20:30:29 2008

> When watching swing clips of Griffey and other pros as well as the college world series you see many hitters angling the barrel of the bat towards the pitcher when in their stance. What is the purpose of this? I could see how this would give them more angular displacement before contact. It looks like some may do this during the load by pushing the bottom hand under the top. Is this correct? Also, when the swing is launched should the barrel be accelerated towards the catcher with THT or behind the batter which would be more perpendicular to the path of the ball?

The purpose of that is to be in a strong launch position (45 degree angle). There are a lot of variations. It is hard to quantify. Basically, it is a combination of ability, strength, and technique.


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