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specific adjustment Q

Posted by: grc () on Thu Jul 28 18:13:32 2005

i recently posed the following question at another site:

is there any specific PHYSICAL technique you use to adjust for/delay the start of your swing for an off-speed pitch...for example, are you able to recognize that a pitch is off-speed before front foot touchdown & able to, in some way slightly slow down/delay front foot touchdown?...or do you, upon front foot touchdown simply delay the start of the swing?...or some other technique..

i really don't want to hear about timing issues (when stride starts, etc), because no matter how perfectly you time the pitch, from one pitch to another there can always be a fluctuation of .006+-, so surely there is some SPECIFIC technique used...

also, PLEASE don't divert this to a stride or no-stride issue..that issue is certainly legitimate but would belong to another thread...

from virg i got he following response: "1. by modifying full foot-plant through controlled cushioning action of ball-of foot/instep"

from some of the others i got sample of what i got..."take the slack out of your swing and you wil understand it"...."if you are quick enough you just react"...

putting aside the non-answers of the others and focusing on virg's comments, would anyone care to evaluate virg's comments ? P.S. virg, i KNOW that even though you are boycotting this site, i think it would be great if you would elaborate on your comments....

and again, i beg of all of you, if you respond, please deal with the specifics of my question and virg's solution...comments like "be quick", anticipate fastball and adjust to off speed" do not address the specific question..and i especially hope that if we are blessed with a lengthy essay from someone, the essay at least deals with the specifics...thanks...


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