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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Girls and rotational mechanics.

Posted by: coach13 (halour@netscape.net) on Fri Jul 29 13:35:56 2005

> >> Hi Andy
> >
> > Do you think that if Ted Williams had used linear mechanics he might have raised his AVE to 450 or higher?
> >
> > Jack Mankin
> Hi jack,
> there are a lot exampels for both styles e.g. Ichiro Susuki, Tony Gwyn at times. But the point of an high average is to hit the ball cleanly or you think Ted Williams was hitting over 450 without hitting on the sweet spot? It is easier to hit the ball cleanly with linear mechanics, but when you have outstanding hand-eye coordination you also can hit the ball with rotational mechanics cleanly, then with more power, but at first you have to hit the ball square. And that is definitely easier with linear mechanics, when you mastered it, go and try rotational.
> greets andy

Hey guys this discussion is kind of humerous I could go on for hours with examples where rotational hitting is far supperior than linear hitting I have coached base ball and soft ball. Quite sucessfully I might add. I have sent teams to the National Softball Tournament several times. I have had over a hundred girls and boys recieve scholarships to both division I and division II schools. 80% of all grounders in MLB are outs 60% of line drives are outs. Line drives are difficult to achieve with a top down linear approach to hitting. If you have great speed you can slap your way on base these slappers can get on base but find it difficult to hit runners in. RBI stats are important. By the way Ichiro Suzuki is a rotational hitter. So was Tony Gwynn I can send you pics. that show their body and hand positions at ball contact. The bat is only in the hitting plane for approximatly 2 inches with the linear approach verses at least 12 inches for rotational. Hands down rotational hitting is superior. 95% of all MLB Hall of Famers are rotational hitters. Enough said

For the love of the game yours truly Coach13


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