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complete confusion

Posted by: Frustrated parent (lmbrunson@earthlink.net) on Fri Jul 29 17:08:50 2005

My 11 year old son has been playing with a great coach. When he joined this team 3 years ago he was hitting the ball to the fence and over the fence (255 - 300ft) at the end of last season the coach decided that my son had to change his swing. He said he was swinging with just his upper body and not using his hips. He changed the whole team to the Tom Emanski approach. It took about 6 weeks for my son to get this down. by then the coach was frustrated with him and the rest of the team because they were not hitting well. We have now been through private lessons with a instructor at a batting facility as well as a high school coach as well as his coach has tried to change his swing again. He is so confused now he can not touch the ball half the time. when he does it is a pop up or a ground out. How do I wipe all this from his head and start over. What do I do to help him to hit again.


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