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Re: LAU Full extension- Josh Hamilton

Posted by: Brian () on Sun Jul 27 17:39:47 2008

> Board. In the homerun derby, in particular I noticed LAU's contribution to Josh Hamilton's swing. For this reason I highlight Lau rather than the Derby itself, even though Hamilton is the recent subject.
> In the slowmotion swing (MLB.com)of one of Josh's longer blasts to the black seats in Yankee stadium he releases his top hand at the point of contact. [b]This means that his release off the bat is taking place DURING CONTACT as opposed to after contact. I played this replay back and forth and am 100% sure in what I saw take place. [/b]
> This type of release is what Charlie Lau Sr. preached for years regarding full extension and or finishing high. As such I am of the opinion that Hamilton should carry the torch which George Brett originally held as the prototype student for lead arm extension and discipline of the head during the swing.

THG: Video clearly shows that the top hand released after contact. Lau did not have it right. If you disagree, post video supporting your position.



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