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Re: Re: Which Mechanic is Quicker to the Ball?

Posted by: swinton (swinton@netzero.net) on Sat Jul 30 23:24:17 2005

> I would say the quickest hitter I've ever seen is Barry Bonds, who is purely rotational, doesn't swing "down to the ball", or "straight to the ball"
> The linear cues such as those above are entirely myths. No quality hitter has ever swung his bat in a diagonal(straight) line from launch 'til contact. No one has ever moved their hands in a straight line towards the pitcher. These are just cues which attempt to prevent the opposite (uppercutting and casting) from happening. Basically, like trying to fix a slice in your golf swing by attempting to hook the ball.
> So just because the rotational theory states that the correct swing is slightly up to the ball, and the hands "hook" around the body, doesn't mean these hitters have "long" swings. It means they're more in touch with the reality of swinging a bat. It means most linear theory is based around myths, or the "fool's gold" of "straight" to the ball.
> All you need as ammo is a VCR. Tape as many swings as you can. You'll see universals. The bat is swung in an arc, not on a line. Those who attempt to perfect this arc are on the right path.
> I use Don Slaught's RightViewPro (I swear by it). It has MLB swings on tape, and one of the many features is the clock which measures time to the hundredth of a second. The Sammy Sosa swing on the program is a quicker swing (.13 seconds) than Ichiro's, who's Mr. Linear.

Linear hitting philosophy as a teaching tool is proven (sorry Jack), ask Barry about his swing thoughts, listen to him or for that matter Tony G. talk about hitting...you take one of the greatest power hitters and the greatest average hitter and they are not talking about the philosophies and cues regarding hitting that you are trying to "SELL (!!!)" on this web site.

I'll grant you that no great swing is truly linier if you grand me that no swing is truly circular...

Furthermore, Iíll take Tony and Barry everyday of the week and twice on Sunday over (the corked bat juiced up lifetime .265 hitter) Sammy.


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