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Jack--Needs Clarification

Posted by: BHL (Knight1285@aol.com) on Sun Jul 31 00:13:32 2005

Hi Jack:

When reading you material concerning the emphasis of the lower body, you opine that the correct upper body usage should allow the lower body to work on autopilot; nevertheless, you refute this claim in you research, pointing out that it is the lower body, and not the upper body, that generates the most power for the developmental mechanics. Hence, you create what Hans Jauss (a critical theorist) calls an aporia, or a contradictory statement.

Recently, though, I noted an effort on your part to explain the discepancy. According to this explanatory, you suggest that, while the lower body actually generates the power for the developmental mechanics, the upper body can void what the lower body created by employing improper mechanics. Therefore, as a cue, you stress using proper transfer mechanics, and allow the lower body to do its job subconsciously. From realistic standpoint, though, the lower body is what actually creates rotation.

Please read this post, comment on it, and ask for any further clarification.

Best Wishes,


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