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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re:Confusion/heavy bag drill

Posted by: ray porco (rporco@verizon.net) on Sun Jul 31 08:01:08 2005


Who is the one arguing semantics?

Your quote (previous post):
“In my opinion, the only force that the hands apply directly is a gripping force."

Your quote (last post):
“The forces you describe are gripping forces used sequentially.”

Right. And fingers fired sequentially can provide force and direction.

Your quote:
“In your experiment, the bat falls as the grip lessens because of gravity.”

Wrong, if it fell it would hit you on the head. It is LOWERED.
And I’m the one arguing semantics? How do you LESSEN (not immediately and totally relax) a grip, if you don’t apply force?

Your quote:
“If you were to start a baseball swing in the same manner, the bat would be pointed to the ground.”

Really Phil, my experiment was to show the force that CAN be applied. Again who is arguing semantics? I DID NOT suggest to start a baseball swing in that manner.

I might add, that in my experiment I also RAISED the bat from the top of my head. I /you/anyone overcame not only gravity, but the weight of the bat.

Your quote:
“Try driving a nail with a hammer using sequential finger firing with your arm and wrist
locked. I don't think it will work.”

Neither do I. Do you really think I advocate swinging a bat or hammer or bull whip with arm and wrist locked? Please answer. Or was I merely demonstrating to illustrate hand forces (finger forces) that could add to a swing?

Your quote:
“I don't disagree that manipulation is possible, but in a full swing with a game bat, I don't see how it can be accomplished, or add much benefit.”

How narrow minded. You use your hands every day, manipulating, lord knows, how many objects, BUT NOT in a full swing with a game bat?

Your quote:
“I play alot of golf, and my grip pressure thought is to hold the club lightly. It allows me to free the tension in my arms so that I feel my arms are being whipped through the swing. I can maintain that light grip pressure to the point of release, about the time the wrists begin unhinging and the club's path starts down from its verticle orientation. If I don't hold tight at this point, the club will leave my hands. So I guess what I'm saying is that as I approach contact, my fingers aren't afforded the opportunity to fire sequentially because they're too busy just holding on to the club”

In the first sentence, “…grip pressure thought…”. Phil, you are not thinking this when you swing your golf club are you? Can you? The way your hands grip and apply pressure have become an involuntary action.
Besides, even if you could, the golf swing is a repeatable swing. The baseball swing (in competition) transitions from repeatable to procedural.

For how the hands (elbows, shoulders, etc.) interact in multi-joint movements:
(Intersegmental interaction torques)



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