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Re: Re: Re: Re: griffey 's instructo-swing VS. rotational/torque mechanics

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Sun Jul 31 13:28:55 2005

Below are the Mar 3 2000 posts Erik is referring to.

Jack Mankin

griffey 's instructo swing &rotational method

Posted by: larry briody (ljbriody1@aol.com) on Fri Mar 3 08:45:31 2000

my17 year old girl has decided to buy into jack mankin's swing but i have her swinging on the instucto swing and everyting looks fine-is their a potential or real conflict between jack's method and griffey,s piece of equipment?

Re: griffey 's instructo-swing VS. rotational/torque mechanics

Posted by: BJ (mailto:) on Fri Mar 3 22:29:17 2000

The instructo-swing teaching aid does not represent the swing mechanics of Ken Griffey. It is a true shame that he indorsed such a product. The plane of his swing is on a slightly upward plane, not downward as this mechanism requires. Further, Griffey uses a good rotational swing, but this mechanism requires a hitter to use weight shift and extension mechanics (or the nob will pop-out before contact). Many people will recommend this product because it represents the old, out-of-date mechanics that many coaches still preach (goes right along with quick hands, keep the shoulder in there types of instruction).

Do not allow your "daughter" to use this "teaching aid" from Griffey in combination with Jack's rotational and torque mechanics, they cannot work together. In addition, becoming a great hitter and this teaching aid will also not work in conjunction. Griffey, McGwire, Sosa and all great hitter use rotation and torque, but the minute rotation and torque are applied to this aid, the end nob will pop out indicating a "flawed swing," which is 100% incorrect.

In my opinion, Jack would have a large DISCLAIMER warning not to use this product along with the mechanics of rotation and torque that great hitters use. Lastly, Jack I am excitedly awaiting the video to learn exactly how to use the mechanics that you teach.

All others can view the instructo product at:



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