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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Which Mechanic is Quicker to the Ball?

Posted by: ray porco (rporco@verizon.net) on Tue Aug 2 03:14:34 2005

for true view of contact, video should be viewed frame by frame at 60 frames per second. why don't you post some contact frames at your site Shawn, and post links here for discussion?

definition time:

I did a quick search and I never found a thorough definition of the term "L" position. I believe it was Jack Mankin who first coined the phrase (correct me if I'm wrong), but never gave a complete definition.
I think that for fairness and clarity in debate, an agreeable definition is in order first.

The definition (in my opinion) should include the degree of the angle (or at least range) formed between the upper and lower arm.

The letter "L" forms a 90 degree angle. Are we limited to this angle Jack?

Also, locating the position of the elbow in relation to the hip (at contact), would be a help. Does the elbow have to be at the side (right at the hip) for the correct definition, Jack? Or is there a range of inches (maximum amount)?


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