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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: RE: Top hand release - Charley Lau Jr.

Posted by: grc () on Mon Feb 12 20:57:54 2001

>>> Jack do you think this is the same as a "self-feeding extension of the bat head as the center of mass leaves the handpath" ?
> See Max's reply to Jack from,"Best of Max #1. http://setpro.com/NEWWEB/best%20of%20max00.htm tom.guerry <<<
> Hi Tom
> I am sorry for the delay in my reply. I have been away on business. --- Tom, I think the "self-feeding extension” Max is speaking of is the transfer of the body’s rotational energy into bat speed via the angular displacement of the hand-path. I think we (Myself, Max and Professor Adair ) basically agree on this concept. But as Max points out, this can only account for about 50% of the bat speed generated. -– It is how the balance of the bat speed is developed that Adair (probably Charley Lau) and I disagree.
> I think the importance of these differences warrants a new thread. I will try and post it tomorrow.
> Jack Mankin
hi jack...i think it's interesting (and great!!!) that Mr. Rotation (you) and Mr. Weightshift (Charley Lau Jr) can find common ground on several issues....in fact, i have said a number of times that differences in weightshift and rotation are not as radical as many people think.....i welcome your dialog with mr. lau i hope mr. epstein will also contribute as he did at setpro......and speaking of epstein and setpro, did you see what i think is a cheap shot paul recently took at epstein?...cheap shot in the sense that sense paul's forum is now one-way dialogue epstein has no way of responding to paul's comments....respectfully....grc...


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