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Jack--A Noncontroversial Question

Posted by: BHL (Knight1285@aol.com) on Tue Aug 2 09:35:32 2005

Hi Jack:

There seem to be certain theories floating around the importance of pushing off the back leg, and hitting with a straight back leg at contact. They believe that, by doing so, the ball will be hit farther. However, I have always held a diametrically opposed opinion--the back leg should be in an "L" shape at contact. Having this geometric position in the back leg, in my opinion, will allow the ball in the latter position, when struck properly, to travel further than when the leg is extended fully (i.e., in the former position). What are your opinions on this subject?


P.S. Note: Due to the complexity concerning the science of the swing, everyone will respond differently when asked this question.


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