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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Which Mechanic is Quicker to the Ball?

Posted by: ray porco (rporco@verizon.net) on Wed Aug 3 17:13:49 2005

> >>> There is a missing frame as Griffey makes contact on that clip.
> If you really want to see the L position, a rear (catcher) view shows it very nicely. In fact the same swing from the rear makes it look like the L is held even longer then the side view. I'm not trying to say the L position isn't attained or that contact is made at full extension, I was just trying to say that in a good majority of swings extension is acheived. There's a difference between the rotational and linear extension.<<<
> Hi Shawn
> I agree.

> Jack Mankin


you guys agree, but do you know what your agreeing on?
what constitutes 'extension'?
full extension (everyone probably agrees)is the 'power "V" ', but ya' don't even have a definition of "L", so how can you determine what your extending from?
Is "L" 90 degrees (angle formed between the upper and lower arm) and extension 91 degrees and above?
exactly what are you agreeing on?
you don't even have a definition of "L"


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