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Re: Re: to Phil

Posted by: ray porco (rporco@verizon.net) on Thu Aug 4 18:21:57 2005


I said “hands and arms”, you changed it to “arms and wrists”.

Why did you put the word “releasing” in quotes?

Why do you advocate building arm strength (heavy ball drill) for “releasing” the bat?

I’ll be more straightforward with my question:
Do you feel the hands and arms (in and of themselves, not from or thru other parts of anatomy) provide any power/force to the bat?

“How about some good instructional sites?”

Who are you kidding, Phil?
You're more than a novice, Phil.
You cannot (or should I say, should not) teach (I’m assuming you are a coach- correct me if I am wrong) what you do not believe.
Williams, Lau, Ferroli, Schmidt, Gywnn, Baker, Mankin, Epstein, Emanski, Nyman, Hudgens, Candrea, Slaught, Peavy, etc. teach what they believe.
You must realize YOUR OWN beliefs.

One way: mlb.com

And to put it into action:



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